black & white photograph of Fujita in Classic Sword Ceremony

Samurai in the Oregon Sky

Update: We are finishing up this film in January 2019. Then, we’ll spruce up this website and tell you all about the film. We can’t wait for you to see it!

In 1942, Japanese Navy pilot Nobuo Fujita catapulted his seaplane off of a submarine, flew over the forests of southern Oregon, and conducted the only manned aerial bombings of the United States mainland during WWII. He never dreamed he would one day be invited back to the region, where he would begin a 35-year friendship with the people of a small Oregon town. Our feature-length documentary film will chronicle how Fujita came to refer to his former target as his “second home.”

For five years, we have traveled in the United States and Japan, interviewing those who took part in this story, and those who are helping to preserve it. SAMURAI IN THE OREGON SKY will be complete in January 2019.  This website will be updated and upgraded as the project nears completion. To receive email updates on the progress of the film, please sign up on our Contact page.

Ilana Sol’s first film is ON PAPER WINGS. To find out more about her work as an archival researcher, please visit our Filmmaker page.

SAMURAI IN THE OREGON SKY is a sponsored project of the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon.  Tax deductible donations can be made by clicking on the link above.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.